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Founded: 2011

Owner: Joshua J Heney

Certifications: Infectious Disease, CPR, First Aid, 20 years experience in the industry.

Areas of expertise: Custom, Black and Grey, Traditional, Asian, New School, Portraits.

We at Redemption Tattoo Company cannot stress enough our commitment to the experience.  We have a total of 40 years in the industry, and come from all over.  We provide a 100% disposable environment, and pride ourselves on being current and up to date with all health standards and regulations.  

Where will you collect your next masterpiece?

Redemption Tattoo Company

​​3120 1/2 west Colorado Ave.


Redemption Tattoo Company is committed to bringing you, the customer, a creative, one of a kind tattoo experience without the high pressure environment.   We have many different artists with many different styles, so feel free to pick the artist you want.  Our studio is a haven for creative self-expression.  Each client is treated with integrity and respect, and we do not discriminate against race, nationality, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.   We specialize in blending old-school values with modern safety standards.  Redemption Tattoo CO. is 100% disposable and uses the latest techniques and sterilization procedures to bring you the very best the industry has to offer.   We also offer 100% organic aftercare, as well as completely organic inks and pigments.   Click on the link to see our line of Products and Aftercare.