*Please feel free to choose an artist of your choice.  Remember you are not necessarily looking for your tattoo, just a style that fits what you want best.  All artists are available by appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome anytime.  You can email a specific artist directly from the links provided or contact the shop as a whole from the contacts page.

* Noon to 7 pm.

Email Adam directly at adampoe@redemptiontattoo.org

Joe Powers

Adam Poe

Here at Redemption Tattoo Company we really only have three rules.  One, is to be 100% professional.  Two, is to be 100% disposable.  Lastly, is that we are 100% custom.  All artists have been hand picked in order to bring the widest variety of styles into the studio.  Please, feel free to stop on by and talk to any of us.  Walk-ins are absolutely welcome.

Only the Best

  • Redneck3:40
  • Man in the Box4:46
  • Almost Easy3:53
  • Ticks & Leeches8:10
  • Shoot to Thrill5:17
  • Droppin' Plates3:49
  • Let The Bodies Hit The Floor3:29
  • Soldier3:45
  • Mr. Krinkle5:27

$600 All Day Sessions!*

20% Military Discount

Email Joe directly at joepowers@redemptiontattoo.org

​​​Email Josh directly at joshheney@redemptiontattoo.org

Josh Heney

Artwork by the boys!

Some works are for sale.  Come in and talk to us about purchasing some prints or originals.

 **Are you an artist?**

Got some works you'd like to show off or even make some money on.  Bring them in and we will display them on consignment for you!

Redemption Tattoo Company

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