After your tattoo is completed it will be bandaged.  Take this bandage off after about an hour.  Then, using the warmest water you can stand, use a non-scented antibacterial soap (Dial) and give your new tattoo a good wash using just your finger tips.  No scrub pads or loofahs.  After a good wash, pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel, and allow about ten minutes to air dry.  Then apply an ultra thin layer of artist recommended lubricant.  Repeat wash and lubricant steps two to three times a day.  Your tattoo will start to peel and flake like a sunburn, DO NOT PICK AT TATTOO!  Once all the peel has fallen off, apply a white, non-scented lotion twice a day for the remainder of the month.  STAY OUT of saunas, Jacuzzis, and pools, bathtubs. Showers are OK, you just don't want to be soaking it.  Enjoy your new tattoo!

Redemption Tattoo Company opened it's doors four years ago with the hopes of achieving a higher standard in the Tattoo Industry.  Redemption Tattoo offers an 100% disposable, ultra clean environment.  Hand picked artists brought together to offer a style for everyone.  Affordable rates along with professional quality make sure everyone can afford the tattoo of their dreams.  Finally, unmatched customer service.  Come on in and experience the perfect tattoo!

Redemption Tattoo Company

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Hustle butter is a 100% natural, organic replacement for All petroleum based products used as tattoo lubricants during, and after the tattoo process.  Many artists find it is superior for tattooing and helps reduce swelling and can help ink flow into the canvas better. 
Made from organic Shea, mango, and aloe butters, organic coconut, sunflower and rice bran oils, rosemary aloe resin, green tea, vitamin E complex, and essential mint oils with essence of papaya and coconut.  Brings a multitude of benefits and is cruelty free and vegan.